Windows 95 create folder.

This will be a step by step tutorial to create a folder. Then we will create a sub folder under the main folder you created. So hold on here we go. If you get lost just back track a bit.
Give this page a second to load there are a lot of pictures in this tutorial.

Right click start and a small menu will come up, then click on explore as in the example below:

Doing that will bring up your explore window. You might have to scroll to the top of the folder tree on the left to see the C:

Next press the C one time as in the example below:

Next hit file new and folder example below:

In this example you will see what happens after you click the word folder, you will notice the location of the new folder ready for you to name it. Type in the name aaatest and press the enter key this will create the folder. That is the name we will use for this tutorial.

The next example should be how your tree looks after you hit the enter key. The top folder should be labeled aaatest.

The reason I used aaatest in because I wanted the folder to be on the top of the tree for ease of use. Wen you make a folder it is placed in alphabetical order on the tree.

The names of the folders below aaatest will be different than the ones I have, your computer is different and you will have different folders than the example. But you should have the aaatest on the top of the tree. If you don't you should go back and try again or you have a folder with three A's in front of it already. If you do no problem just find the aaatest folder. As you look at the aaatest folder there is no + sign in front of the folder, that means there is not sub folder under aaatest that will change soon as the next step will create a sub folder under aaatest

Next I will show you how to create a sub folder under the aaatest folder. As you can see above the aaatest folder is clicked once and it is highlighted. The same way you clicked the C: To create the aaatest folder. To create a sub folder under a folder follow the same pattern as you did to create the aaatest folder, this time name it bbbtest.

The example below will show you what it should look like after you name the new folder bbbtest and hit the enter key notice the + sign in front of the aaatest folder. Now click the + sign in front of the aatest folder and you will see the bbtest folder below it.

Congratulations you now know how to create a folder and a sub folder, you can make as many sub folder as you want by using this method. And you can make sub folders under sub folders. Well that is all for the folder tutorial stay tuned for the next one, it promised to be even more exciting.