F-Prot Anti-Virus program

After you download the current version of F-prot extract it to a folder on your hard drive. The program is zipped you will need WinZip to extract it.
Once you extract it you will see a file called F-prot.exe, that is the executable file to start the anti-virus program. You can create a short cut to this file, for easy of running. Every time you update the program, you will just replace the contents of the folder housing the f-prot program with the newest version.
Double click the F-prot.exe program you will drop out to DOS.

The program should appear, example below. This is a DOS program so your mouse will not work.
Use the arrow keys to navigate. 
The highlighted red box is active. 
Use your arrow keys to move to right or down.
Hit ENTER to make a selection.

One option we need to change from the default is, ACTION. We want to make sure it is set for AUTOMATIC DISINFECT ION. As in the above example.
If your copy isn't set for AUTOMATIC DISINFECT ION, arrow over once until the start is red, arrow down until Action is red. Hit the enter key and arrow to AUTOMATIC DISINFECT ION and hit enter. this should change the default setting to AUTOMATIC DISINFECT ION. 

To start the scanning process arrow key back up to START. Hit enter to start scanning.

During the scanning process you should see something like below. It will show you the drive and progression.

After scanning is complete you will get a results screen. Hit escape to close the results window. Hit escape again to go back to main menu.

From here just arrow key down until quit is highlighted, hit enter. Your windows environment will reappear.

One problem you might have. If you have a boot sector virus you will have to run f-prot from a floppy drive. You will need a boot up disk to get a command prompt and run f-prot from there. If you have this problem you can e-mail me and I can give you more information on how this is done. The best way from getting a boot sector virus is to run f-prot each time you get done surfing the internet or after you receive email with attachments.

To fit F-prot onto a disk do the following

After you unzip the files to a folder copy the below files to a blank formatted disk:


Rename NOMACRO.DEF to MACRO.DEF for F-Prot worked properly. 
boot computer with a boot disk. Remove boot disk insert f-prot and run the f-prot.ext follow directions above to scan.