Creating a Macro in Microsoft Word

First you need to create a tool bar for your macros
  • Hit the tools drop down
  • Press customize
  • In the customize box, select the toolbars tab.
  • Press the new button and a new toolbar dialog box will pop up. The two fields to fill out will be: 
  1. Toolbar name: insert a name you can recognize easily.
  2. Make toolbar available to: It should say normal.doc or just normal. If it doesnít say normal.doc press the drop down arrow to the right and select normal.doc or normal.

After you press ok you will see a small toolbar popup on the screen. Congratulations you just created a toolbar. Now press the X on the small toolbar to get rid or it for now and close the customize box.

Now we need to record the macros.

  • Close Microsoft Word and restart it. You need to start with a blank page.
  • Press the tools drop down and select macro and record new macro.
  • The record macro box will appear. Give your macro a name. Donít use any spaces or symbols for the macro at this time we can rename it later. Keep the name under 8 letters.
  • After you name it press the ok button. Donít worry about the other settings in the dialog box we can assign the macros to the toolbar or keyboard later.
  • After you press the ok button a small box will appear on the screen that is the stop box. After you are done typing press the blue stop recording button, the macro is done. If the stop recording box is in the way you can press on the title bar and drag it out of the way. Donít press the blue square that is the stop button. If you do that you will have to start over again.
  • After you are done typing press the stop record button.
  • You have successfully recorded a macro.
  • To play the macro, close the active window and donít save the changes. Open a blank page and hit the tools drop down and select macro then macro again. From the list select the macro you just created and hit the play button. You should see the text you recorded pop on the page.
  • If the macro works correctly now it is time to assign it to the toolbar or keyboard shortcut. We will assign it to the toolbar for now.

Assign the macro to the toolbar.

  • Press view Ė toolbars select the toolbar you created from the list. Your toolbar will appear. Move your toolbar all the way to the right side of the screen.
  • Press the tools - customize button. Press the commands tab. Select from the categories list macros. You should see the macros you created in the commands box.
  • Drag your macro over from the commands box to your tool bar and drop it on the toolbar.
  • Next you need to rename the macro on the toolbar for ease of use.
  • Right click the macro on the toolbar. You will see the different option for the tool bar. Change the name of the macro to what ever you want it to be.
  • You will notice different options available in this edit menu; you can change to icon format for the macros or icon and text labels. Look at these options carefully and decide what method for displaying your macros you want to use.

Now you can create as many macros as you need to make your work easier. If you have any problems or questions about the above procedure please e-mail.